Movies starring US!


Lots more movies can be found on our youtube channel,! Jemima and Arthur the skunks are on there too.

Feeding time at the Zoo

Jack and Jemima do battle over chicken, Mila waits for her turn.



Laura returns home after a 3 week trip to find that young Jack has missed her.



Jack and Mila know their names

and come running when called.



Jack Defends his Dinner

Jack demonstrates the art of dinner defense against a smaller opponent. Note the creative uses of tail-swiping and covering.


Jack and Mila Relax at Home 1

Jack is the one with the teeth, Mila is the squeaky one.


Jack and Mila Relax at Home 2

When we say meerkats bite, this isn't it.


Jack gets a cuddle

and a pencil.


Mila gets a cuddle

which is pretty much how she spends life.


Jack shows off his teeth

and his mad human-wrestling skills.


The eternal battle of Jack vs. Toes

Jack gives Tom's toes what-for.


Meerkats like Shoes

Jack and baby Mila investigate shoes. And then do battle.


Lemon is to Meerkat as Catnip is to Cat

Jack enjoys a lemon slice.


The Advent of Mila

Mila mouse descends on the household, confusing Jack.


Meerkat Wrestling

Tom teaches Jack a thing or two about martial arts.