Born 31st July 2008


Mila's nicknames:


Mila Mouse



Miss Mouse

Missy Moo



Weasel Two







Mila's likes:




Furry toys, especially those with buttony eyes that can be ripped out with careful work



Mila's dislikes:



Brushes of all kinds (attack on sight)


Mila's own site:

Mila was born in Manchester amongst a lot of other very interesting animals. Her mother abandoned her at less than a day old and she was taken in by her owners, who stayed up most of the night feeding her cat milk substitute until she was old enough to live with us. She and her brother and sister lived in a box with some baby civet cats. When Laura came to get her, she was five weeks old, a scrappy little thing about the size of a hamster with a little stubby pink nose and wild fur pointing in all directions. On the five hour journey home Laura wondered if adopting her had been a good idea - ever thirty seconds or so she would throw herself bodily at the plastic door to the travel box, slide down it and then shriek loudly and constantly, before leaping at the door again, with the air of one who is utterly insane.

Mila talked non-stop, squeaking and pipping, until she was about three months and is still pretty vocal. She has a wide range of chatty noises as well as the normal alarm calls and food-y noises. She's very relaxed (seeming to be off with the fairies) most of the time but experiences occasional flashes of weasely brilliance.

When someone she doesn't recognise tries to enter the house, however, she becomes a lethal ninja meerkat. She's extremely cunning and capable of truly astonishinv violence, although never towards family members. With her family she will grumple and chatter if displeased, but never attack.

Mila grew up very quickly, but she didn't become stripy until she was about four months old, we wondered if she would always be a monotone meerkat! She has more delicate features than Jack, is paler in colour on the tummy and around the nose, and is a very pretty meerkat indeed. She has deep, soulful brown eyes which she uses to lure strangers into a false sense of security.