Where We Live

Jack and Mila live in a lovely house in Hampshire. They have a heat lamp, a small radiator, and a range of hot water bottles to keep warm through winter, lots of toys, and a warm conservatory to sunbathe in. They have a closed top cat litter box which Jack uses fairly religiously and Mila uses when she feels like it. They both love to go outside in the garden where they play, sunbathe, dig up the plants, and hunt for slugs. They don't run away, because they love their home and family, and they come in when called.

Sometimes they go out for walks on their harnesses (made for ferrets) but that depends very much on whether Jack cares to have his put on. They  like to talk to dogs and other animals, but we're worried the dogs might eat them so they never go out in public unless on leads. Jack is prepared to ride on a shoulder instead but Mila finds the balance required too challenging (read - she's too lazy to bother staying on and prefers to be carried).

They have a bath or shower around once a week to keep their fur in clean and good condition. Jack quite likes a bath, Mila does not. Their claws are clipped around once a week too generally when they are quite sleepy!

Arthur the skunk moved in in September 2010, and Mila loved him absolutely to bits. Jack got on with him fairly well. Sadly Arthur went missing in June 2011 and we were joined by Jemima the skunk at the end of August. The search for Arthur continues, but Jack enjoys wrestling with Jemima a lot, and Mila likes to sleep on her.