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Our other websites.


Mila has her own little site, in which she describes effective ways to expel unwanted guests from your home.

Jack's view on life is expanded in

Please take a minute to visit them!

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Things we think are funny


Obviously, is rather good. Although, Jack and Mila wish to point out that they had russian names (Jackoscovich and Meliska) long before Aleksandr came along.

Jack and Mila like Laura's original (very old, no longer updated) website, Laura's Celebration of Little Games and Toys . They support it because, after all, Laura is part of the pack and that's what packs do. They stick together, regardless of taste and class. Also, it has the SHEEP. We LOVE the SHEEP. BAAAAA!

Laura loves XKCD because it's classic geek comic. We like it because it's got a meerkat in it, and a super-cool flying ferret!!

How to wash your cat: Jack and Mila find succour and inspiration from this article. Concerning.

A very small hamster eating broccoli. Mila and Jack love broccoli. Laura loves hamsters. Mila quite likes the look of that hamster too. But possibly in a different way.

Hamster alternative to text message. Mean but funny.

And finally, they absolutely LOVE the Evil Overlord List and adhere strictly to its guidelines in their search for world domination.

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Things we think are important.


We think animal welfare is very important. Especially we are opposed to live transport, and we really think people should be much, much nicer to their pets and animals in general on the whole. If you aren't going to put time, effort, love and money into an animal PLEASE don't get one. We especially hate animals being kept in small cages. For instance, did you know the minimum acceptable cage size for a pair of properly happy guinea pigs is one square metre (floor space)? Please don't cram your beloved pet in a small cage, it will be bored and miserable. If you do want a pet, and you are prepared to be very kind to it, might we suggest you adopt an abandoned one? Have a look at The Blue Cross or The RSPCA to adopt a pet near you!

Please take a moment to check out our friends at the Captive Animals' Protection Society. They have a campaign running to stop people buying and selling meerkats in poor conditions and we definitely support this initiative:

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Meerkatty things you might like to buy. Or at least take a look at.


We don't have any merchandise of our own but these people do! A nice collection of meerkatty gifts, collectibles, ornaments, books and so forth. They also know where all the meerkat-holding zoos are in the UK!

Knitted meerkats. Jolly nice.

Meerkat DVDs from Amazon: We don't have a telly, but we hear Meerkat Manor is jolly good.


Lovely meerkatty books, very informative.



Lovely meerkatty books for children, very informative. Alex and Sal bought Jack "Meerkat Mail" for his first birthday, he thinks it's fab.



David Attenboroughs wonderful stories from the Kalahari, Meerkats United and Meerkats Divided. These shows were Laura's first exposure to meerkats and the indirect reason Jack and Mila first joined our lives. Sadly they don't seem to be available in DVD format, so this is VHS.



And of course, the escapades of the wonderful Timon, co-star of the Lion King! Everybody loves the Lion King. (Timon's the little skinny one that hangs out with the warthog. Ringing bells?):


If all else fails you can always do an Amazon search for "meerkat", there are all sorts of things on there including stuffed toys!

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Things your own pet might like!


We like Pets At Home. They have great toys, nice food, and they sell their animals for sensible prices. Hamsters shouldn't cost 50p, in our opinion, all animals are worth more than that.

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Meerkats in the news.


We live a Seemples Life here at Meerkat Manor: It's us! In the news!!

Meerkats 'not very good as pets' This is a meerkat, and THIS is a Mr. Potatohead. Only one of these will make an appropriate addition to your household. Hilarious! Jack and Mila consider themselves exceptions to the rule.

Cold remedy stops meerkat fights. Working on this principle I cover people in my perfume when they visit us by way of additional Mila protection. It's semi-successful.

Arthur and Anne, Meerkats at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, had some babies, and they have a blog. Jack was nearly called Arthur. Sadly Arthur's grammar is bad but the meerkat babies are lovely. :-)

Meerkats are Britain's favourite animal, apparently.

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Other things


Jack listens to JackFM the GREATEST radio station ever! Listen online now!

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