Born 17th Oct 2007


Jack's nicknames:


Jackus Meerkatticus
Captain Jack
Jack Attack
The Fluffmeister General
Fang Face
The Wellington
Weasel One


Jack's own site:




Jack's songs:


He's a crime fighting meerkat, he's...Fang Face!


Jack the ravening meerkat lives under the bed,
Jack the ravening meerkat pops up his little head,
And in his mouth are rows and rows of razor sharp teeth.
Jack the ravening meerkat is lurking beneath.


Grumpy meerkat first thing in the morning, and grumpy meerkat at night.
Grumpy meerkat doesn't give much warning of when he's going to bite.
Grumpy meerkat can be annoying, but grumpy meerkat knows
That we won't throw him out with the trash because we love him so.

"My name is Jack and I live in the back of the Greta Garbo home for wayward boys and girls" -- Manfred Mann

Jack was born to a meerkat-loving home in Birmingham. He was three months old when he came to live with us. The first day he arrived he climbed everywhere, stood on our shoulders to watch the world, and then went to sleep on Laura's lap. She cried.

He was adorable as a youngster and met almost everyone in Oxford going for (extremely slow) walks on his lead and harness around the town. He even met David Attenborough in Borders at a book signing, and remains very smug about that to this day.

Jack started to mature very early indeed, around four months old, at which point he started scent marking everything (including our feet) and became rather amorous towards females, particularly Laura and her mother. Laura called Jack's breeder for advice, who was stunned at Jack's early development (9-12 months being usual). The advice given was simply to start wearing Wellington boots around the house (we decided to just put up with it instead!) and henceforth Jack was known as "The Wellington" by his breeder. He went through a difficult adolescence learning to deal with his hormones, and was *extremely* tetchy, and behaved extremely badly from six to nine months old. Meerkat adolescence is notoriously trying. He bit a lot of people who loved him and threw massive temper tantrums, lying on the floor and shouting his head off when he didn't get his own way. Fortunately he grew out of it! (Mostly.)

Jack enjoyed his first birthday party very much. He got a story book about meerkats from his adopted aunt and uncle, Alex and Sal, and locusts from his good friend Louise. He also got toys to play with and everyone else got cake. Jack got icing on his whiskers. Since Mila arrived, who only tolerates Laura, Tom, Sal and Alex, his birthday parties have been smaller affairs. He turned four this year and ate quails eggs to celebrate.

Jack was neutered at 15 months, which he seems pretty much completely unaware of, but which significantly reduced his urges to bite family members for no particular reason (he's almost invariably been utterly charming with strangers) rendering him relatively easy to live with again. He is very friendly and sociable and very easy to love. He continues to be very strong-willed and determined (though perhaps not as much as Mila!)

Jack does not share food.